Lenovo applies for a blockchain verification patent

Cezar Renta


On 15 February, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published an official application by the Chineese technology company Lenovo. The new patent describes a new verification and validation system using the blockchain technology. The filled patent shows the usage of a “security blockchain” to verify the validity of physical documents by using digital signatures. You can read the full patent file below.

Lenovo writes:

“Using the security blockchain, anyone can validate that they have the current authentic physical document even if multiple paper copies exist and multiple people have made entries in the chain of modification. If any forgeries exist, they will show up as orphaned blocks in the chain. To validate a paper copy, a user of the electronic device takes a picture of the printed code on the physical document.”

By using the power of the blockchain, Lenovo claims it will benefit all parties by giving them access to the same version of the document, without being altered in any form and increasing its security. It’s worth noting the patent was filled first back in August 2016 and it’s not Lenovo’s first attempt at the blockchain technology. Forbes reported that last year, IBM started working with Lenovo on a blockchain system which will provide an audit-ready solution for their invoicing system.

It’s good to see that more big corporations dive into the blockchain technology which will surely speed-up the overall adoption of the technology worldwide.