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What is Aworker?

Aworker – a next-generation blockchain based platform with an ambitious purpose to change/disrupt the HR industry.

We strive to create new opportunities for job hunt and career development. Decentralization provides the best opportunities for creating the new professional ecosystem.

The main goal of the Aworker project is to build a global system for verifying skills and integrating this data to create a good business reputation for job seekers that will be shown to potential employers and colleagues from all over the world. Both a job seeker and people who recommend him/her get a reward in case the first gets the position or even gets invited to the interview. Moreover, employees will be able to receive a reward for the use of their data and all of this is possible because of the Ethereum smart contracts.

We believe that with the help of blockchain technology, the labor market will become more transparent and understandable for all parties. AI will help people find a more suitable job for them in terms of their psycho-types, and better company employees and reduce the cost of hiring. Aworker develops a disruptive solution by putting blockchain-driven technologies at the core of the Work 2.0 and AI. Now each person will receive a reward for his job-related recommendation. Remuneration is paid automatically with the help of a smart contract to all participants in the hiring process.

Aworker is created in order to solve problems: 1. People will find a job that suits them more psychologically. 2. Reducing the cost of hiring. 3. Control of personal data.

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    Oct 26, 2018
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    Jan 26, 2019
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    KYC & Whitelist
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    1,920,000,000 (40%)
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    USA, China, Belize, Iraq

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