Coinbase double-charging problem returns

Cezar Renta


Coinbase had some issues back in 2015 when customers found out they were suddenly double charged for each Bitcoin purchasing order. The company stated that all its affected customers will be reimbursed but in reality, Coinbase decided to process the duplicate order and credit the users with Bitcoins. The Coinbase Support Team stated at the time:

Because the initial ACH debit and the duplicate ACH debit have both processed on your account we will be crediting your Coinbase account with the correct amount of bitcoin for each order from both the initial buy and the duplicate buy. This credit will take place early next week when the ACH transfer has completed.

While the glitches were fixed at the time, it seems Coinbase is facing the same or similar problem now, with many customers claiming they were double-charged and triple-charged. Some are claiming that Coinbase charged them 17 times, leaving them with an empty account. Here are some examples from the official Coinbase subreddit.

Some customers are calling for a class action lawsuit while others started to file CFPB complaints. An official from Coinbase responded to the claims, stating the following:

Let’s just hope Coinbase will start refunding its customers and handle this crisis in a professional matter. We’ll keep an eye on the situation and update this article as needed.