Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Trackers: Manage your Investments

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New cryptocurrencies appear every day and while only a few end up being successful their numbers are rising and so are the possibilities of investment.

Once you end up owning several altcoins managing crypto becomes a difficult task. Using multiple exchanges, currencies, wallets and trying to comply with tax requirements makes it hard to keep track of your existing portfolio valuation and of the return from all of your coins.

Best cryptocurrency portfolio trackers

Luckily, we now have specialized apps that can help us manage our cryptocurrency portfolios so we don’t have to do it manually which would be a terrible waste of time.

Today we’ll discuss the best cryptocurrency portfolio trackers so you can find one that suits your needs and makes keeping an eye on your crypto investments much easier.


best cryptocurrency portfolio trackers

Delta is a sleek portfolio manager you can use on Windows, Android, and iOS that offers support for over 3000 coins.

It allows you to see your total portfolio balance, as well as total profit and loss for the past 24 hours or since when you started investing. You can easily connect with your favorite wallets and exchanges (over 200 of them are supported) and keep an eye on price trends using the built-in alert system for each exchange and all supported trading pairs.

‘Custom Coins’ is one of their noteworthy features as it allows you to track ICOs not available on exchanges yet, plus you can use it to monitor multiple portfolios from different owners.

Download Delta (Windows, Android, iOS)


top cryptocurrency portfolio management apps

Blockfolio is a mobile-focused portfolio tracker for cryptocurrencies that allows you to deduct the balance from the coins when you sold it. It also lets you deduct the BTC/ETH and other parent currencies you use to purchase a new coin.

Other interesting features include support for 80+ exchanges, real-time order books for all supported coins, profit/loss summary, pricing alerts and even development updates for the coins you’re interested in.

Download Blockfolio (Android, iOS)


CoinTracking is one of the most feature-rich crypto portfolio management apps which can generate real-time reports on your coins’ value, profit and loss, gains, and taxes among others.

The app has a dedicated section for tax declaration, a CSV import for over 40 exchanges, auto-deduct balance when making a trade, and the possibility to add cryptocurrency as free or gifted.

CoinTracking’s free plan allows you to manage up to 200 trades but you can remove this limitation by upgrading to the Pro version for the low yearly fee of 0.012 BTC. At the very least, the transaction limit makes for a good free trial period to test the app. You can use CoinTracking on the web, but also on Android and iOS devices.

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CoinTracking (web)

Download CoinTracking (Android, iOS)


Altpocket is one of the newer cryptocurrency portfolio trackers with an interface that lets you easily get an overview of your portfolio but also dive into the finer details for each of the coins you own.

The tracker currently supports over 1300 coins which is a respectable amount and you can set up a watchlist for the ones you’re interested in. Importing data from exchanges is also possible although right now only Binance, Bittrex, and Poloniex are supported.

Altpocket also managed to successfully implement the concept of community, offering a social feed but it doesn’t offer mobile apps yet as those are still in the works. For now, you can use it on the web for free as soon as you register.

Altpocket (web)


Coinfyi is a web-based crypto portfolio tracker that also includes a news aggregator. As far as coin tracking goes, the interface is basic and easy to use which is perfect for beginners and casual investors.

Once you enter your portfolio you can see the total coin value. Sadly, it doesn’t display total loss/profits (at least for now). The Market cap tab comes in handy and offers essentially the same data as

The News section is where Coinfyi really shines as the feed shows the latest news from various crypto online publications.

Coinfyi (web)


Cointracker offers a clean and modern UI equipped with performance charts and interestingly, it can automatically generate crypto tax plans for you (although this is not a free feature).

The tracker lets you sync with some of the most popular wallets and exchanges including Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex, CEX IO, Coinbase, and others.

Regarding performance tracking, Cointracker provides easy to read charts for your current portfolio, RoI and others, plus you can track all transactions you make to and from your wallets in a convenient manner.

Cointracker (web)

Cointracker download (Android, iOS)


CoinStats allows you to view live prices from over 80 exchanges boasting advanced sorting and filtering features as well as customizable volume and market cap alerts.

You can automatically sync your portfolio by connecting your account to over 30 exchanges and wallets plus you can manually input transactions.

The UI is exceptionally easy to use and also bundles a currency converter and a news feature. CoinStats can be used on the web, iOS, and Android devices.

CoinStats (web)

CoinStats (Android, iOS)


Cryptagon may be the last on our list, but definitely among the best cryptocurrency portfolio trackers that’s suitable for both newbie and seasoned investors.

It supports over 2000 crypto coind which can be added to your portfolio and can automatically integrate with all popular crypto exchanges.

The UI shines when it comes to customization as it can be used by beginners in its basic form or personalized using groups, sub-portfolios and other elements for advanced users.

The tracker also has a built-in notification system and some pretty amazing charts packed with data but easy to read at the same time.

One of Cryptagon’s best features is the ability to create sub-portfolios for your investments and there’s also a general overview of your profits and returns.

Cryptagon (web)